Thursday, January 15, 2009


So I am so glad i got out of my Business Calculus class because i just don't think i am going to have time to do it all. I mean i know i don't work or anything but i have things to do at home and stuff. But I am up at like one in the morning cause i can't sleep. To many things on my mind. I keep thinking about how i need to clean my room, it isn't to dirty but i just can't stand it but i know it will get messy again. But anyways so i am taking thing online business class and it is so weird (that was the other thing that kept me awake) i like didn't check it all week and i finally did and found out that i have homework due every week. So I had to do some of it now or else i just wouldn't feel good about myself. Weird. But am gonna try to go to sleep now.

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