Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh March

So today is the second day of March and the start of my 8th week of school. I am so excited that school is half way done, the spring seems to go by so much faster than the fall. Right now im gettin ready to do some of my math and then i have to leave to do Monday night lessons. I wish i could teach twice a week and get paid that much more cause lately i have been gettin a little selfish. I could say that over my years i haven't really gotten anything extravagant and most things i get have purpose to do something very valuable but i recently experienced the Wii. It was awesome. So now im savin up to buy me one. But then i feel bad cause i could use that money for gas or something useful. But i can't help but want the Wii, i remember me and my sis got a PS2 one year for xmas and she has been gone for like 5 or 6 years and in that whole time period i have only gotten one game for the ps2 so i feel like i haven't really indulged in the things that i really want. I have never had an ipod, a really nice car or extravagant clothes so i guess i can spoil myself just this once and buy myself something almost completely for my enjoyment. Well thats about it for today.