Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just Startin Out

Ok so yesturday i was at Jessica's for her 28th birthday (and she convinced me to join). Amazingly she looks like she is a teenager still and here i am waking up in the morning with bags under my terrible. But today I am slowly but surely getting ready for school...i have classes from 11-3 MWF and 5-7 TH. Rough schedule well at least driving wise. I don't have any breaks which is wonderful i can just get what i need done and go. And thankfully gas has gone down so much that i can afford to go 5 days a week. And i hope that it stays down. Over the weekend me and Tyler had a lil disagreement but all is forgiven and back to perfect condition. Other than that i don't have much to report, maybe when i get home from school i will have more to say but i doubt it seeing as i have monday night lessons tonigh. Wish me luck driven on the bad roads today....

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